I originally wrote the bulk of this blog post before the whole kerfuffle erupted over Sandra Bullock and her adulterous (soon-to-be?) ex-husband, Jesse James. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry – you probably don’t want to know.

What this post is really about is what Sandra Bullock told Barbara Walters in Walters’ last ever pre-Academy Awards interview special. When asked about her recent marriage to Jesse James, Sandra speaks in glowing terms about what having such a relationship has meant to her: in terms of stability, improvement in her acting/work life, and in knowing that now someone “has her back”.
I transcribed part of their interview as follows.

Hit the link below to watch it for yourself – go to the 5:10 mark for when the conversation turns to marriage; 6:45 for the quotes below.

Barbara Walters’ Oscar Night Special: Part 5 – In her final Oscar special interview, Barbara Walters talks with Sandra Bullock.

BW: When you won the Golden Globe, you thanked your husband. You said, “I never knew what it was like for someone to have my back.” No one protected you like Jesse?”
Sandra: “Not in a partnership, like that. But – I’m partially to blame for that. You know, I never allowed myself to be cared for, or protected that way in a relationship.”
BW: How does he protect you?
Sandra: “Not once asking me to be anything other than what I am.”

So here’s what I’m wondering: is this a primary way that a woman feels she’s loved?  Do you think this speaks to all women, or does it vary? ‘Cause, I have a hunch that us guys naturally have a lot of expectations and comparisons that we want to foist upon a woman… (shoot!)