Ok, I can’t remember Katherine’s last name now that she’s married, but this post is for all of you Halifax Project 2007 people (and some Montréal C4C people [I’m looking at you, Lydia]).

I was at work this week, and I looked up the definition of a word on Merriam-Webster (http://www.m-w.com), and lo and behold, what did I see on the right side of the page?  It was the “Ask the Editor” video feature, and my first reaction was – “Katherine Dehm!”

You must admit, doesn’t she bear an uncanny resemblance to our fellow Halifax Projectile?  I think it’s the green blouse that completes the image, though.  Dark hair with green – that’s what I associate Katherine with.  That, and how a couple of us were convinced she had some Asian blood in her lineage (“she just doesn’t know it”, as I would say).

Apparently, this is actually Kory Stamper, associate editor at Merriam-Webster.  But maybe she’s actually just Katherine’s older sister who married a guy with Stamper for a surname 😛

Katherine from Montréal?
taken from Ask the Editor: “Reign in”, Merriam-Webster Online

the “real” Katherine (center, with guitar)
Halifax Project 2007, bottom of Rice Residence (SMU)

I’m not insane, am I?