Once upon a time, John Piper came to my Church to do a conference, and I brought to his attention something he had said about counselors the night before that may have come across in a way that I knew he didn’t mean.  He thought so, too – and said I should bring it up in Q&A!  Then I hugged him (true story).

Watch the videoWhat Jesus Demands from the World, Q&A

So I got in line for Q&A, but while answering someone’s question about how he deals with his celebrity status and not getting prideful, he mentioned how I had brought up that thing with him earlier (4:50 mark).  But then when I finally got up to the mic ask a question, I told him he was my idol (9:36 mark).

Yup, true story.  A friend just asked about this incident, so I realized that I hadn’t “immortalized” the moment on my blog, yet.

P.S. The irony is that John Piper’s, like, mission in life is to communicate to people how God should be our supreme delight and treasure, and anything (or anyone) else that we value ahead of (or more than) Him is equivalent to going after idols  …which is why John Piper is truly my idol, because I learn so much good stuff like that from him (ha ha, kidding…)

Which reminds me, why hasn’t anyone come up with a singing reality TV show titled “Christian Idol“?  It would be such a hit in the evangelical Christian-saturated United States!  (kidding…)