So, I’ve been listening to a bunch of random, freely available music on the web at work while I’ve been making slides for a presentation. I actually quite like doing presentations, so it’s been a relatively enjoyable past few weeks at work doing that – but that’s another story for perhaps another blog post.

I came across the YouTube channel for what I think used to be the publishing/distribution company that promoted Nikki Yanofsky. For those who don’t know, Nikki Yanofsky is the 15/16-year old young woman who sang the national anthem for our 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics opening ceremony, and also sang the huge hit, “I Believe”, which was the CTV official (or unofficial?) theme song for the Olympics. As it turns out, she’s actually a jazz singer, and is something of a child prodigy.

Check out this video of Nikki performing in Montréal at La Place des Arts (pronounced, “Plah-ce days-arr”) in Nov 2006 at the tender age of twelve years old. Simply amazing.

“Nikki Sings at Place Des Arts” – A440entertainment

I’ve been to the Place Des Arts before with my sister – I think it was the summer of 2006, actually, and we were checking out the Montréal International Jazz Festival that’s there every year.  Unfortunately, I had no idea who Nikki Yanofsky was at the time, but I think she was making her International Jazz Festival debut that year!  Too bad I was completely clueless.