Showing the Jesus film in a village several hours away from Blantyre, Malawi (Summer 2009)

The following is an excerpt from my Facebook event birthday party description:

… *charity:water*

No need for gifts – just come on Sunday if you can! But if you were looking for ideas, this birthday party will be running alongside Charity: Water’s September campaign. So, instead of getting me a card and/or a present (ha ha, it’s fun to assume), you can help charity: water provide a person, family, or community with access to desperately needed clean drinking water. I’ve even set up a little birthday campaign page to make it all really easy if you wanted to give me this kind of present 😛 –

So yes, I would actually be happy to receive the gift of knowing that YOU gave to provide SOMEONE (somewhere) with clean drinking water, all because it was MY birthday 🙂 (see? I’m making a difference in the world! Simply by staying alive, year after year)

P.S. If you’re still the kind of person who likes to give regular gifts, I won’t stop you! heh heh 😉

I never got to throw some pictures into that FB event description, so I’m gonna do it here.  Here we go!

Screen captures taken from the charity:water September campaign video