There are three things that I’m liking at the moment… they kind of give me a sense of peace or well-being, knowing that they’re present in my life right now, lol.

  1. DDR at work – I just finished organizing/putting on a Dance Dance Revolution and Nintendo Wii party night at work, and one person’s comment pretty much expressed one of the things I was hoping for from the evening.  She said something like, “I’m glad we get to play DDR – it’s such an Asian thing!”  Lol.  Asian / nerdy.  That’s how you bring about the “back home” feel.
  2. Finally reinstalling a clean, fast install of Windows Vista – I bought a used SSD along with my used computer several months ago.  It was so fast and so nice.  Then it started flaking out, and I sent it in for warranty repair/replacement.  They eventually sent me back a brand new SEALED one (wow!), but in the meantime I had realized that using a normal hard drive wasn’t all that slow once I got into the normal “web surfing” mode.  So, now I’m selling my brand new SSD on Craigslist and I finally installed the 1 TB hard drive I bought from NCIX for $48 (I ended up in a line-up on a Saturday morning, lol), and I am slowly reinstalling the programs and games I had before.  My computer is back to normal, fairly responsive, and not flaking out (like it was till I reinstalled Vista a few days ago).  Yay!  Praise the Lord 🙂
  3. I dunno… – I need to go sleep.  Or rather, I need to keep sleeping earlier and earlier.  I guess I’m just glad that I don’t have too much pressing left to do tonight, though I’ve got a fair bit of stuff to tackle tomorrow.  This isn’t really a third item that’s on topic, but it pretty much sums up my default state of mind most times.  I’m usually fluctuating between having a back log of things that I am intending to get to (eventually), which I’m behind in – versus having brief periods of breathing time, without too much “urgent” for the time being, but still knowing that that back log is still there.

I hope I’m not rambling… but anyways, here’s a nice photo to cap off the night.  It’s kind of embarassing, but what’s happening is that I’d just won amongst our little group of 4 that stayed till the end of a Mario Party 8 game on the Wii.  My character was Toadstool, and guess what his victory pose always was?  That’s right – arms crossed, and looking smug.  Looking very tiny, but looking very smug 🙂  Apparently, I’m the Superstar.