So on the first day of my 6-day Easter weekend (my company is kind of cool that way), I decided to try and do my taxes. Took me from about 10AM to 3PM, but really I could have been done by about 12 noon except that I’m a perfectionist and I really wanted to learn the nitty gritty of some peculiar complexities for my current tax situation. But all in all, I had fun! It was pretty relaxing juggling numbers on a computer (that could ultimately turn into $$) while listening to music and phoning up the Canada Revenue Agency for help.

Speaking of which, as long as you’re not calling in days before the Apr 30 tax deadline, the CRA Help hotline is pretty informative and pretty easy to connect to. You can hit them up here – CRA Individual income tax enquiries: 1-800-959-8281.

But here’s a list of things I read which were funny or downright hilarious while filing my taxes online via TurboTax (which is 10% off here, or 20% off for Coast Capital Savings members, or free for low-income and student use). Note: I’ve heard good things about StudioTax, which is a free alternative for ALL personal users (regardless of income).

  • IMPORTANT! You must enter the correct marital status.”

Thanks. Enough with the rubbing it in, lol. But this reminds me of one of my favorite tweets of all time, based off a 16-year old Christina Grimmie interview by – “My Dad gave me some of the best dating advice, ever, and he told me, ‘Don’t be embarassed or ashamed to be single.’ And that’s the best dating I’ve ever gotten.” – (see the 1:16 mark)

Darn straight, girl. (P.S. Go Dad!)

  • Do you have dependant(s)?
    Your spouse is not considered a dependant.”

Important marriage & dating tip. Make sure you’re looking for someone who is able to take care of him/herself, lol.

  • Paulman : Congratulations, you have no Errors!”

Thank you… I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear that.