So, the official @VanCanucks twitter updated me today with this tweet:

Is this real? #Canucks flag at the #RoyalWedding? (35 second mark):

Because if you take a look at the 35 second mark of this clip from the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, you will see a giant Vancouver Canucks flag in the middle of the crowd!

Now, the automatic discussion is whether or not this video clip is legitimate, but reports are that IT IS REAL. See this post in the Vancouver Canucks forum for confirmation:

I loaded up Clip 9 of 18 from the CTV video site myself (link), and sure enough, at the 64:59 mark I can see a flag that looks just like the Vancouver Canucks flag from the YouTube video, at the same place/location. You can’t tell 100% for sure from the CTV clip that it is a Vancouver Canucks flag, but I’m convinced it is.

Here’s my own screenshot:

So, we will mark the Vancouver Canucks flag sighting at the Royal Wedding as CONFIRMED. Whoo hoo! How cool is that? Go Canucks Go… worldwide, even in London!

We are all Canucks.