I just got this confirmation e-mail today:

from notifications@teamliquid.net
date Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 1:55 PM
subject Order Confirmation

Your order has been accepted

Your Order Number is: ________

The following items were ordered:

               *** In Stock ***
Qty  Offer Id  Description
—  ——–  ——————–
1    TLJB-S    Blue T-Shirt – Small

Thank You for shopping at Team Liquid

If you’re wondering what I bought, it’s the Team Liquid t-shirt (it’s like a universally recognized symbol in the Starcraft world – especially the “foreigner” [aka non-Korean] scene). They did a first batch like a couple of months ago? A 1000 shirt run, and it sold out in about 14 hours. This time they made a second batch of 800 and I think it sold out in like 6 or so hours 😛

Good thing I caught wind of it on @TeamLiquidnet right when they tweeted it. I had ordered a Small within minutes!I am really looking forward to the conversations that it will undoubtedly start. That’s the main reason I got it 🙂

I think I’m going to wear it during Frosh week(s) at UBC and SFU, assuming I get to volunteer there with Campus for Christ this September.Think about it – the two Canadian universities with perhaps the highest Asian and Korean populations by %… there are going to be TONS of Starcraft 2 geeks there for Frosh week. Hopefully I will become the ultimate geek magnet (that’s just one step down from being a chick magnet… yeah, really…).


On an unrelated note: Oh, broccoli. How I have missed you! May I never be separated for so long from green, leafy vegetables again.