So, Taylor Swift just released her latest album, “Red” (iTunes: US, CAN), sometime around this past midnight. On iTunes, the “Complete this album” feature finally started working for me, which means that I got a discount on the full album because I had purchased two of the earlier singles that were released ahead of time.

It’s pretty good so far 🙂 It’s interesting how some of the songs that I didn’t quite like during the 1:30 long previews that iTunes gives you sounded better once I was able to listen from the beginning.

But anyways, the point of this post was to mention that, apparently, Taylor Swift likes to embed messages in the liner notes / printed version of her lyrics (I read it in a forum while trying to figure out why my iTunes “Complete this album” feature wasn’t working). It’s a very simple encoding scheme – she just capitalizes certain letters in the printed lyrics while all other letters are lower case, and so you simply form the message by stringing all the capital letters together in a row.

I tried a Google query to find out what the encoded messages were in this new album, but I couldn’t find anything on my first try. So, I had the RIDICULOUS idea of trying to decode the message myself instead of letting the Internet do the thinking for me (what is this, 1999?!).

I did it for the first song, State of Grace, and here’s what I got. To try and provide some context, though, the key line in this song (or arguably, the entire album) is:

Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right.

And here’s the capital-letters code in the printed lyrics for State of Grace:


Ok, to be honest the reason I made myself write this blog post is because I wanted to see how many Google hits it would get, ha ha.

Oh, the travails of trying to be an Internet pioneer 😛