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So, Taylor Swift just released her latest album, “Red” (iTunes: US, CAN), sometime around this past midnight. On iTunes, the “Complete this album” feature finally started working for me, which means that I got a discount on the full album because I had purchased two of the earlier singles that were released ahead of time.

It’s pretty good so far 🙂 It’s interesting how some of the songs that I didn’t quite like during the 1:30 long previews that iTunes gives you sounded better once I was able to listen from the beginning.

But anyways, the point of this post was to mention that, apparently, Taylor Swift likes to embed messages in the liner notes / printed version of her lyrics (I read it in a forum while trying to figure out why my iTunes “Complete this album” feature wasn’t working). It’s a very simple encoding scheme – she just capitalizes certain letters in the printed lyrics while all other letters are lower case, and so you simply form the message by stringing all the capital letters together in a row.

I tried a Google query to find out what the encoded messages were in this new album, but I couldn’t find anything on my first try. So, I had the RIDICULOUS idea of trying to decode the message myself instead of letting the Internet do the thinking for me (what is this, 1999?!).

I did it for the first song, State of Grace, and here’s what I got. To try and provide some context, though, the key line in this song (or arguably, the entire album) is:

Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right.

And here’s the capital-letters code in the printed lyrics for State of Grace:


Ok, to be honest the reason I made myself write this blog post is because I wanted to see how many Google hits it would get, ha ha.

Oh, the travails of trying to be an Internet pioneer 😛


(this blog post was originally written and posted on – many of the photos will be cut off or the links won’t work, so it’s recommended that you view the original post here:

Hi everyone! This is my first TL blog post, and it’s a week “late”, but I’d like to share my journey and photos from the NASL Season 3 Grand Finals near Toronto, Canada.

I ended posting a LOT more photos here than I’d thought I would, but I hope you enjoy them!

The full gallery is viewable here: Link <= there are a few more photos there, so feel free to browse the album!

– Journey to Toronto, Canada

The first part of my journey began with a flight from Vancouver, British Columbia all the way to Toronto, Ontario. That’s #YVR to #YYZ if you know the airport codes. From there, it was a quick airport shuttle ride (which I missed, at first) from Pearson International Airport to the Four Points Sheraton hotel where the NASL people would be staying.

[image loading]
Flying Air Canada to #YYZ

[image loading]
An airborne iPhoto

– Waiting for NASL to start

Line-em up!

[image loading]
Morning line-up for Day 1 of NASL Grand Finals

[image loading] [image loading]
Entering the venue (International Centre – located in Mississauga, Ontario (next to Toronto))

As I was walking around before the festivities began, I came across some computers that they were using either for WCS Canada or the CSL Nationals 

[image loading] [image loading]
GoSu.Ostojiy // Quantic’s DdoRo

Clutch started amping up the crowd, and Mr. Bitter and Rotterdam took their seats at the casting desk. It was almost time to begin!

[image loading]
Mr. Bitter getting a camera photo of the crowd 

But first, some Day[9] crowd control 

[image loading]

[image loading]
Day[9] wants YOU.

– Day 1 NASL quarter-finals and WCS Canada

The first match up was SK.MC vs EG.Puma

[image loading]

MC coming down the red carpet for the first time

[image loading]
[image loading]

Awaiting the President Protoss // MC, the boss Toss, coming down the red carpet

And then I whipped out my camera just in time for a random iNcontrol & IdrA sighting 

[image loading]

Leaders – n. Visionaries who go against the crowd for the greater good (of #esports)

And then it was time to hear the iNdrA (IdrA / iNcontrol) casting duo. I thought they were on a roll that weekend. I remember thinking to myself, “Man, IdrA is totally in the casting groove right now”. Good stuff!

[image loading]

iNcontrol and IdrA getting ready to get their casting on

NASL had matches from WCS Canada (and maybe CSL Nationals) in the back of the venue up on a big stage so that people could watch them there.

[image loading]
[image loading]

Root (Slush?) vs… someone? Man, I only know DdoRo, Ostojiy, Huk, and Scarlett (and DdoRo has his name on his back)

What they DIDN’T show you on stream was the hot dog guy with his food stand in front of the entrance. There was a concession area inside the venue, but I’m sure this guy made lots of money as well. I went outside and snapped that pic, and then when I came back in it was time for… LIQUID’HERO  Since I came from the outside, I decided to wait from the back instead of returning to my seat up front. In the end, I got to get REALLY close to him (almost right next to him, if I remember correctly)!

[image loading]
[image loading]

NASL hot dog guy // Liquid’Hero getting ready to walk the red carpet

[image loading]

Liquid’Hero fighting!

But Stephano ended up taking out Liquid.Hero 

[image loading]

Dat guy…

[image loading]

SlayerS.Puzzle vs Liquid.Ret was up next. Here’s Liquid.Ret coming down the red carpet.

[image loading]

And then it was time for what all of Canada had been waiting for…

[image loading]

We’re waiting for him!

…but first, SlayerS.Alicia 

[image loading]

He’s so cute and cuddly 

[image loading]

Not the ‘Hero we deserved, but the one we needed?…

[image loading]

/cuemusic Here he comes, to save the day!

[image loading]

Magnificent in triumph…

But sadly, SlayerS.Alicia is a PvP monster and HuK’s aggressive style failed to find any cracks in his armor  And thus, our beloved Monsieur Loranger went out 0-3 to Alicia.

[image loading]

Devestated in defeat  – you’ll get ’em next time, HuK!

– Day 1 NASL semi-final matches
And with that, we had our top 4 NASL semi-finalists. First up, SK.MC vs Mill.Stephano *shivers*

[image loading]

Stephano and the Boss Toss

[image loading]
[image loading]

In the midst of the carnage and destruction that is MC vs Stephano, I found a brief spot of peace

[image loading]

We found love in a hopeless place…

When I found this photo yesterday, I found it extra hilarious (after reading about all the complaints from stream viewers after the event) and I knew exactly what to caption it:

[image loading]

NASL sound guy? :O

The other semi-finals match was SlayerS.Alicia vs Liquid’Ret. SlayerS.Alicia ended up taking the PvZ match.

[image loading]

SlayerS.Alicia trying to give MC a run for the title of “Boss Toss”

Oh, and look who decided to show up in front of me? Soe and Day[9]  I tweeted this picture last night and Soe retweeted me! *swoons*

[image loading]

Soe + Day[9] = Doe 

After the event finished ~10:30PM, Day[9] told the crowd to not crowd around inside but to wait for him outside the venue. And lo and behold, after a short wait, a wild Day[9] appeared!

[image loading]
[image loading]

Day[9] with some random fans

[image loading]
[image loading]

That guy looks SO scared, lol // There’s one more photo, but I don’t think we need to see where this leads…

[image loading]
[image loading]

Day[9] signing my friend’s phone and making a drawing of his favorite Starcraft unit for my other friend

I bought some $1 store Canada flags and wrote on them for various people. Here, Day[9] is holding one I made for him and one I made for Megumixbear (who wasn’t able to make it to the NASL Grand Finals). He also signed my Canada flag that I was waving on both days in front of the casters’ desk.

[image loading]
[image loading]

See? I fit under his chin 

Day[9] is one intense Starcraft personality. The event ended around 10:30PM and he stayed past 1AM I think to sign things for fans. He was really interactive, too, and would chat and be really friendly with EACH fan. He’s definitely good to his fans  And then he retweeted me after the weekend, too *swoons again*

– Day 2 at the NASL Grand Finals

WHEW! Ok, that does it for Day 1. Day 2 was actually quite a bit lighter in terms of NASL content. At least, my photo count went down quite a bit for that day (and I made more signs to hold up for the stream viewers)!

There was the Tribes: Ascend Grand Finals match, cast by HiRez.Bart and Fishstix. I actually quite like Tribes: Ascend and play it a bit, too. You can check out the main gallery link for those pics, though.

First up was Liquid’Ret vs. SK.MC, cast by Soe and Day[9], I think?

[image loading]

Fusion core dance

[image loading]
[image loading]

Frodan and Day[9] // Camera phone pic of Soe, Day[9], and the flag he signed for me 

[image loading]

Liquid’Ret, the people’s champion

[image loading]

neobowman sitting on the red carpet

MC is good at vortices. GG!

[image loading]
[image loading]

I know what you’ve all been wondering – “What does the NASL hotdog guy like? They never showed him on stream!” Well, never fear, I’ve got you covered:

[image loading]

NASL hotdog guy, up close and personal

And then it was time for the Grand Finals match! Here comes SlayerS.Alicia…

[image loading]
[image loading]

Refueling the BitterDam

And in between a break, here came one of the most memorable moments for me this NASL. I was already sitting in the front row (SO thankful for those seats!), and while I was standing up I asked Rotterdam if I could get a quick picture. He happily obliged, which resulted in the following:

[image loading]

Rotterdam and Mr. Bitter – not just really, really, ridiculously, good-looking #Zoolanderquote

Maybe they SHOULD quit their day jobs…

And then it was time for Stephano to come down!

[image loading]
[image loading]

Clutch & Lauren // Comment allez vous, Stephano?

And as quickly as that, it was over. 4-0 Stephano over Alicia. Protoss’, cover your eyes!

[image loading]

Stephano right after shaking SlayerS.Alicia’s hand (as Stephano wins NASL Season 3)

And thus commenced the first inaugural NASL post-finals on-stage DANCE PART-AY :O

Let the champagne flow (I got hit by champagne in the front row, heh heh)!

[image loading]

Stephano after winning NASL Season 3 and $30,000

[image loading]

Champagne, champagne everywhere…

[image loading]

…and not a drop to drink.

I also have a photo of one of the NASL organizers scrambling to throw a black cloth over the caster computers to save it from the champagne, lol  (you can check my gallery link for that one)

[image loading]
[image loading]
[image loading]
[image loading]

The infamous on-stage dance party…

I don’t know if this was shown on stream, but a little bit into the “dance party”, Stephano actually crouched down and had to stay down for I think at least half a minute because he was so overcome with emotion. I managed to snag this shot during that moment:

[image loading]

Stephano overcome with emotion (he had to stay crouched down for maybe half a minute to regain his composure)

[image loading]
[image loading]

He likes to move it, move it… (from Madagascar 1 & 2, which my 2-year old niece here in Ontario has recently educated me on)

[image loading]

Gretorp and NASL ❤ Canada

[image loading]


[image loading]


– Some extra stuff from behind the scenes

I wasn’t allowed onto the top level of the stage after the event was over, so I had to reach up high and get the best shot I could of inside the stage booth. This is the one Stephano was in.

[image loading]

A sneak peek inside the NASL stage booth

Look who I found in the normal spectator area! It’s Mr. Bitter! There weren’t too many fans around at this point, and only myself and another guy seemed to be interested in getting his autograph, so this was a great time for me to give him my custom $1 store Canada flags I made for him and Rotterdam (which he passed along for me  ).

[image loading]

Mr. Bitter! With my custom Canada flags for him and Rotti!

I found Liquid’Hero just outside the curtains to the back stage area, so I asked him for a photo before I lost my nerve!

[image loading]

Who’s photobombing me and Liquid’Hero in the back? :O

And my fellow Canadian, Chris Ostojic! From the University of Western Ontario (I’ve visited their campus, before) 

[image loading]

GoSu.Ostojiy – go Western! (UWO)

[image loading]


Epilogue: So, since I was staying at the NASL featured hotel (and since @JawesomeArt was telling me that he had drinks with IdrA and iNcontrol at the hotel bar for a few hours before the first day of the event), I decided to stop by the hotel bar and see who I could “run into”. Well, I was able to run into (a somewhat tipsy) Rotterdam and Quantic.DdoRo while I was there. And then I found IdrA and iNcontrol at a back table and gave them the Canada flags I made for them! They were chilling with Scarlett and Liquid’Ret  Oh yeah, and x6.MaximusBlack was there, too.

[image loading]

If you look carefully, you can see EG.iNcontrol & EG.IdrA (back left table) and x6.MaximusBlack (center screen) 

So, in summary, NASL was a GREAT experience for me. It was especially great for me as a Canadian, and this was my first ever esports event, so it was a bit of a dream come true to be able to break into the national anthem with my fellow Canadians spontaneously (on Day 2)  I was able to get WAY closer to the “celebrities” and SC personalities than I had hoped to be able to, and it was surprising how being here at this event in person was a bit of a springboard for me to interact with a few of them on social media after the event, too! I was able to get on Inside the Game with djWHEAT, IdrA, and iNcontrol last week and talk a bit about it (and they remembered my $1 store Canada flags *swoon*).

So I was definitely very thankful to everyone involved with putting on the NASL weekend and felt very blessed to have a good experience there 

Ripped off from my own Facebook wall post (which was a re-post of my own retweet of @Lecrae). See why my blog is called “Total Rip-Off” now? 🙂

There’s something moving about LITERALLY seeing a MOVEMENT of men (watch till the end of the video for that). I love this song, but I still only understand like 50% of it 😛

RT @lecrae NEW VIDEO 116 “Man Up Anthem” #Manup

Check out the new video for “Man Up Anthem” Feat. Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, PRo, KB, and Andy Mineo. “Man Up Anthem” was the lead single from the Man Up soundtrack availabel now on iTunes. For more info on the Man Up campaign visit


It’s funny how a lot of the artists in this video will move a hand back and forth according to the rapid beat as they’re rapping. I actually do something like that a lot when I’m singing/moving along to music.

Except half the time it’s to Taylor Swift (not rap) 😛 muahhahaha


Yesterday, Mobilesyrup reported that Rogers had finally dropped their 3-year contract price for the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE from $199.99 to $179.99. That made it more competitive with the other carriers such as Bell, which is offering the original Galaxy S II for $99.95 and Telus, which is offering the Galaxy S II X (which is almost identical to the Rogers’ version, sans LTE) for $99.99 on 3-year contracts.

In fact, I’ve heard of Best Buy’s “Free Phone Fridays” which have offered Bell’s Galaxy S II on a 3-year contract for $0.01 (that price is being advertised right now on

Yesterday’s price ($179.99):

So with that knowledge, I went down to my local Rogers Plus store in Burnaby, BC last night (Nov 8) to pick up my Rogers reserved Galaxy S II LTE which had arrived that day. When it came time to ring up the price, it indeed said “$179.99”, but I had to come back the next day because I couldn’t remember the PIN for the credit card I wanted to put it on (I only use that card for my Rogers bill).

Today’s price ($129.99):

Imagine my surprise when I went down this morning (Nov 9) to purchase the phone and the price came up to only $129.99! I was surprised, and I even confirmed the price with the Rogers employee and he couldn’t explain why it was different from the price just last night.

Has Rogers decided again to lower the Galaxy S II LTE contract price to be more competitive with the other carriers?


Here’s a low quality picture of my receipt (taken from the borrowed iPhone 3G that I’ve been using while waiting for my Galaxy S II LTE to arrive):

My (i.e. potentially mine) iPhone 4S finally shipped. It just left Mount Hope, Ontario. Who knows when it will get here… *facepalm*

I was #245 in the NATION for a pre-reserved Rogers iPhone 4S 32GB (Black) and now my phone will probably arrive almost a week later (Edit: It’s the next morning and my phone appears to have reached YVR airport) than the ppl who walked in to Future Shop this afternoon to get a (surprise) Rogers iPhone 4S…

Good thing my hope for happiness is not invested in a phone 😛 (but I AM upset about how the Rogers representative on the “Rogers Red Board” blog is deflecting all blame for their reservation system’s poor execution)

(click on “Show Comments” at the bottom)

But I’m #245 in Rogers’ online reservation (pre-order) system for the Black 32GB iPhone 4S 😛


I pre-ordered about 3 minutes after the Rogers system came back online (3AM PST/6AM EST). I guess I could have been earlier in line if I hadn’t read through all the terms and agreements before clicking “Accept”, just to make sure, hee hee.

Anyways, it’s a $40 deposit and it’s fully refundable. So now I guess it’s time to see if I can get my just expired 3-year contract renewed. It’s a Rogers retention iPhone plan from 2008, but it’s apparently better than anything Rogers offers now of days. If not… I may have to cancel this iPhone 4S order and start rethinking my phone plans 😛

Oh, and did I mention that I LOST MY iPhone 3G last Saturday, I think somewhere in Coquitlam? Yup. What timing, eh?

So today the iPhone 4S was unveiled by Apple, much to the disappointment of those who were hoping for a (physically) redesigned “iPhone 5”. But along with that disappointment comes a much more serious problem looming over the next months…

What are we supposed to Google to find out the latest rumors on the next iPhone from Apple?! The newest iPhone is called the iPhone 4S, and so presumably the next phone could be called the “5”. But technically, the iPhone 4S is already the “5th” iPhone model ever made, so shouldn’t the next iPhone actually be named the “iPhone 6”?

But surely Apple wouldn’t jump names from a “4S” model to a “6” –  that would just seem (to a consumer such as myself) too much like Apple over-hyping the next iPhone. Not only that, but jumping from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6 sounds too much to me (a bitter, jaded iPhone follower) as an implicit admission of guilt from Apple that there’s an iPhone 5-sized hole in their product line-up! (Lol, I think I need to calm down…)

So, to address this monumental crisis, I propose a new search term that will carry us through to the next (and most likely only) iPhone to be unveiled in the coming year. A hash tag for our habitual iPhone rumor rehashing, if you will. A tag line to end all tag-… well, you get my point 😉


Short, simple, and hopefully trending.

P.S. That was a little more cathartic than I anticipated 🙂

I just got this confirmation e-mail today:

date Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 1:55 PM
subject Order Confirmation

Your order has been accepted

Your Order Number is: ________

The following items were ordered:

               *** In Stock ***
Qty  Offer Id  Description
—  ——–  ——————–
1    TLJB-S    Blue T-Shirt – Small

Thank You for shopping at Team Liquid

If you’re wondering what I bought, it’s the Team Liquid t-shirt (it’s like a universally recognized symbol in the Starcraft world – especially the “foreigner” [aka non-Korean] scene). They did a first batch like a couple of months ago? A 1000 shirt run, and it sold out in about 14 hours. This time they made a second batch of 800 and I think it sold out in like 6 or so hours 😛

Good thing I caught wind of it on @TeamLiquidnet right when they tweeted it. I had ordered a Small within minutes!I am really looking forward to the conversations that it will undoubtedly start. That’s the main reason I got it 🙂

I think I’m going to wear it during Frosh week(s) at UBC and SFU, assuming I get to volunteer there with Campus for Christ this September.Think about it – the two Canadian universities with perhaps the highest Asian and Korean populations by %… there are going to be TONS of Starcraft 2 geeks there for Frosh week. Hopefully I will become the ultimate geek magnet (that’s just one step down from being a chick magnet… yeah, really…).


On an unrelated note: Oh, broccoli. How I have missed you! May I never be separated for so long from green, leafy vegetables again.

This is from a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it was both funny and noteworthy. I guess the more hormonal you get, the more perceptive (and accurate) you become in certain things?

But if I had to sum up the moral of this story, I’d say this: yet another reason to trust a woman’s intuition.

I just donated $3 and downloaded a song titled, “We Are All Canucks!”, which was written/produced (I think)/performed by Bodhi Jones. I saw it featured on the Canucks blog (over at “Fort Nucks”) and once I took a listen to it, I fell in love!

Here’s how Bodhi describes his song:

Here’s a dance anthem I wrote in hopes of willing the Canucks to a game 7 victory over the Blackhawks and now onto the Stanley Cup! It’s pretty silly but I hope ya dig it! You can download it for free or donate 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Hop over to the link and click the play button to listen to it instantly! Or you can download it for free or “name-your-price” and support this artist!


P.S. I think my favorite line of the song is the opening of the bridge, which RHYMES! “Mason Raymond, Ryan Kesler / Alex Burrows, Alex Edler!” Man, that’s just lyrical gold!

P.P.S. I had this song going through my head a lot of Thursday and Friday at work, lol. Especially that rhyming line.

P.P.P.S. This song is so cool that it OPENS with Jim Robson calling in the goal by Greg Adams in the 2nd OT period in Game 5 against the Toronto Maple Leafs (1994 Stanley Cup run) and ends with another call by John Shorthouse (aka “Shorty”) when we clinched the President’s Trophy this season.

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