My (i.e. potentially mine) iPhone 4S finally shipped. It just left Mount Hope, Ontario. Who knows when it will get here… *facepalm*

I was #245 in the NATION for a pre-reserved Rogers iPhone 4S 32GB (Black) and now my phone will probably arrive almost a week later (Edit: It’s the next morning and my phone appears to have reached YVR airport) than the ppl who walked in to Future Shop this afternoon to get a (surprise) Rogers iPhone 4S…

Good thing my hope for happiness is not invested in a phone 😛 (but I AM upset about how the Rogers representative on the “Rogers Red Board” blog is deflecting all blame for their reservation system’s poor execution)

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But I’m #245 in Rogers’ online reservation (pre-order) system for the Black 32GB iPhone 4S 😛


I pre-ordered about 3 minutes after the Rogers system came back online (3AM PST/6AM EST). I guess I could have been earlier in line if I hadn’t read through all the terms and agreements before clicking “Accept”, just to make sure, hee hee.

Anyways, it’s a $40 deposit and it’s fully refundable. So now I guess it’s time to see if I can get my just expired 3-year contract renewed. It’s a Rogers retention iPhone plan from 2008, but it’s apparently better than anything Rogers offers now of days. If not… I may have to cancel this iPhone 4S order and start rethinking my phone plans 😛

Oh, and did I mention that I LOST MY iPhone 3G last Saturday, I think somewhere in Coquitlam? Yup. What timing, eh?

So today the iPhone 4S was unveiled by Apple, much to the disappointment of those who were hoping for a (physically) redesigned “iPhone 5”. But along with that disappointment comes a much more serious problem looming over the next months…

What are we supposed to Google to find out the latest rumors on the next iPhone from Apple?! The newest iPhone is called the iPhone 4S, and so presumably the next phone could be called the “5”. But technically, the iPhone 4S is already the “5th” iPhone model ever made, so shouldn’t the next iPhone actually be named the “iPhone 6”?

But surely Apple wouldn’t jump names from a “4S” model to a “6” –  that would just seem (to a consumer such as myself) too much like Apple over-hyping the next iPhone. Not only that, but jumping from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6 sounds too much to me (a bitter, jaded iPhone follower) as an implicit admission of guilt from Apple that there’s an iPhone 5-sized hole in their product line-up! (Lol, I think I need to calm down…)

So, to address this monumental crisis, I propose a new search term that will carry us through to the next (and most likely only) iPhone to be unveiled in the coming year. A hash tag for our habitual iPhone rumor rehashing, if you will. A tag line to end all tag-… well, you get my point 😉


Short, simple, and hopefully trending.

P.S. That was a little more cathartic than I anticipated 🙂

I think all my life, I’ve always just done enough to get by. Even when it comes to spiritual things, that’s been true.

This is most clearly seen (literally) when you look at my room. As my cousin Sam has put it, “it looks like a bomb went off in there.” Ouch, lol.

But the short version is this: I think I’m starting to realize that life actually is broken – that it’s non-functional (even dysfunctional?) – when you don’t give all of your heart and life to Jesus.

You may think, “yeah, obviously. Didn’t you learn that in Sunday School?” But it’s not exactly intuitive. Partial commitment should yield partial fruit, shouldn’t it?

Yes, the Bible usually doesn’t use language that supports the idea of “partial” devotion to God. But if you think about it logically, what person can claim that they have ever been able to give all of themselves to God? (see Phil 3:12a, which supports the idea that we’ll never have “arrived” at that point of devotion. On this side of Heaven, at least…)

And if it’s theoretically impossible to give all of yourself to God, without holding back, then surely it’s understandable to just do “whatever you can” in your walk with God? Surely, God who knows us better than we know ourselves – surely He understands? (Even if you know deep down inside that there’s a lot more of yourself that you could surrender to Him; you’re just unwilling to…)

So, I guess I’ve always used that point to justify “just getting by” with giving God only whatever I could spare, heart-wise, to Him. It’s kind of like the mindset of the person who saves up for retirement or a college-fund for their kid by depositing whatever they can spare at the end of each month, instead of clearly setting out exactly what they are going to set aside to make sure they end up with enough at the end of the day.

But the point is that I’m starting to realize that, yes, I may never be able to truly give my all to Jesus in this life, but there’s still a certain quality or attitude of heart that God must want from me now, that I’m not yet giving Him.

I think as I do start doing that, God will come through. It will be worth it. (It’s scary to put one’s trust and belief in that, though)

Here’s a verse that I need to start believing and living out:

1 John 2:14b (ESV) –

I write to you, young men,
because you are strong,
and the word of God abides in you,
and you have overcome the evil one.

(Jesus speaking in a vision to John in Rev 2:7 is pretty cool, too)

Overcoming is an idea that is sometimes a tricky concept for the Christian. How much of my Christian life is supposed to depend on me and my effort? How much is it supposed to be dependent on the One who works in me, “both to will and to work for his good pleasure?”

I’m not exactly sure. But I don’t have to be. I think it’s clear enough that what I am to do is to pour my my energy and effort into this – into pressing into Him – in every facet of my life.

So I’ll do it, and all the while plead with God to do His (necessary and enabling) work in me. And perhaps that is how God will choose to display His amazingness at this particular time.

Only time will tell.

P.S. Oh, and for those of you wondering what this practically looks like for me, I guess it can be summed up in one imperative: “Stop doing a half-a**ed job of everything.” Or as Russel Peters has put it, “Be a man! Do the right thing!” (in every task, and at every time – see how impossible this is?! But it’s the attitude and the mindset which I’m after…)

I just got this confirmation e-mail today:

date Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 1:55 PM
subject Order Confirmation

Your order has been accepted

Your Order Number is: ________

The following items were ordered:

               *** In Stock ***
Qty  Offer Id  Description
—  ——–  ——————–
1    TLJB-S    Blue T-Shirt – Small

Thank You for shopping at Team Liquid

If you’re wondering what I bought, it’s the Team Liquid t-shirt (it’s like a universally recognized symbol in the Starcraft world – especially the “foreigner” [aka non-Korean] scene). They did a first batch like a couple of months ago? A 1000 shirt run, and it sold out in about 14 hours. This time they made a second batch of 800 and I think it sold out in like 6 or so hours 😛

Good thing I caught wind of it on @TeamLiquidnet right when they tweeted it. I had ordered a Small within minutes!I am really looking forward to the conversations that it will undoubtedly start. That’s the main reason I got it 🙂

I think I’m going to wear it during Frosh week(s) at UBC and SFU, assuming I get to volunteer there with Campus for Christ this September.Think about it – the two Canadian universities with perhaps the highest Asian and Korean populations by %… there are going to be TONS of Starcraft 2 geeks there for Frosh week. Hopefully I will become the ultimate geek magnet (that’s just one step down from being a chick magnet… yeah, really…).


On an unrelated note: Oh, broccoli. How I have missed you! May I never be separated for so long from green, leafy vegetables again.

Lol, I just got off the phone with BC’s Discover Camping Call Centre (1-800-689-9025) because some friends and I will be camping at Cultus Lake’s Maple Bay campgrounds this summer. Before ending the call, the person helping me out on the phone gave me an e-mail address where I could get an answer from the Maple Bay campgrounds people directly (about how competitive the lineups are for their “first-come first-served” campsites during the time we’d be going down).

The funny part is that when she was reading me out the e-mail address, this is how it went down:

(read the following in “quotes” phonetically)
info – [at] – seat – “Oh” – sky – parks – [dot] – com

When she was reading that, I was thinking… “ok, this is a bit of a strange domain name for Cultus Lake’s Maple Bay campgrounds. Why would someone have the word “seat” in their URL for a camp site? But I typed it into Notepad as she was reading it out to me.

And then I was like, wait a second – I’m pretty sure I’m hearing her right and spelling it right… (cause the audio connection wasn’t the clearest).

So to double check, I was like, “Oh, ok – so that’s sea to sky parks dot com?” But I think I was saying it too quickly, because her response was to try to clarify and say, “Yup, it’s SEAT – ‘Oh’ – SKY parks dot com”, making a point to pronounce each word separately! 😛

At this point I was pretty sure she was that she was, indeed, saying the word “SEAT”, the letter “O”, and the word “SKY” 😀 Which is a pretty funny misread, because like I said, what does the word “seat” have to do with camping? Hee hee. But in any case, at least this meant that I had the spelling right.

So before I said good-bye I just re-read the e-mail address out a bit more carefully, making a point to pronounce my words a little more distinctly and clearly:

“Ok, so that’s info at SEA to SKY parks dot com, right?”

And that’s when she realized that the e-mail address was saying “Sea to Sky”, not “Seat-O-Sky”. As in, the Sea to Sky highway 😛 So she started stifling a bit of a laugh, because, come on – it’s a pretty funny goof-up, amirite?!

So I laughed a little (cause I figured, hey, at least she can know I think it’s funny too and hopefully know that I don’t think she’s an idiot). Lolz.

And with that, I said good-bye.

But before I ended the call on my computer (I was phoning them via Gmail’s chat/phone feature), I could hear some background laughter. At first I thought it was a co-worker in the room laughing at her, but then I realized she was chuckling to herself over how silly that last phone call was! But I guess she didn’t know she hadn’t hung up yet, lol. Wow. Talk about the joke that keeps on giving!

So with one last soft chuckle of my own, I hit the “End” button. I would like to say, though, that she was extremely helpful all the while before giving me that e-mail address. So kudos to my phone representative and BC’s Discover Camping Call Centre for another satisfied customer 🙂

P.S. After visiting I just realized that Sea to Sky Parks has a direct phone line as well! Whoo hoo. Score another win for the inter-webs 😛

(Sea to Sky Parks)
By Phone: 604-986-9371
By Email: 

This is from a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it was both funny and noteworthy. I guess the more hormonal you get, the more perceptive (and accurate) you become in certain things?

But if I had to sum up the moral of this story, I’d say this: yet another reason to trust a woman’s intuition.

I just wrote the following in a FB group related to Campus for Christ (C4C – it’s a student club in almost all major universities across Canada) as an “introduction” to myself. I thought it was pretty interesting… it made me think through some things as I wrote it…

Name, Campus, Year, Dreams in 2011-2012:

“[Paulman] is my name and I live and work as a computer engineer about 5 minutes away from SFU, which is my alma mater. I’m C4C alumni (active 2004-2009’ish) and my dream in 2011-2012 is to still be involved in supporting/discipling students from my Church (Willingdon) in living and sharing the Gospel here at SFU and UBC, and maybe even get a chance to get my hands dirty a bit on campus, too.”

I just donated $3 and downloaded a song titled, “We Are All Canucks!”, which was written/produced (I think)/performed by Bodhi Jones. I saw it featured on the Canucks blog (over at “Fort Nucks”) and once I took a listen to it, I fell in love!

Here’s how Bodhi describes his song:

Here’s a dance anthem I wrote in hopes of willing the Canucks to a game 7 victory over the Blackhawks and now onto the Stanley Cup! It’s pretty silly but I hope ya dig it! You can download it for free or donate 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Hop over to the link and click the play button to listen to it instantly! Or you can download it for free or “name-your-price” and support this artist!


P.S. I think my favorite line of the song is the opening of the bridge, which RHYMES! “Mason Raymond, Ryan Kesler / Alex Burrows, Alex Edler!” Man, that’s just lyrical gold!

P.P.S. I had this song going through my head a lot of Thursday and Friday at work, lol. Especially that rhyming line.

P.P.P.S. This song is so cool that it OPENS with Jim Robson calling in the goal by Greg Adams in the 2nd OT period in Game 5 against the Toronto Maple Leafs (1994 Stanley Cup run) and ends with another call by John Shorthouse (aka “Shorty”) when we clinched the President’s Trophy this season.

So, the official @VanCanucks twitter updated me today with this tweet:

Is this real? #Canucks flag at the #RoyalWedding? (35 second mark):

Because if you take a look at the 35 second mark of this clip from the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, you will see a giant Vancouver Canucks flag in the middle of the crowd!

Now, the automatic discussion is whether or not this video clip is legitimate, but reports are that IT IS REAL. See this post in the Vancouver Canucks forum for confirmation:

I loaded up Clip 9 of 18 from the CTV video site myself (link), and sure enough, at the 64:59 mark I can see a flag that looks just like the Vancouver Canucks flag from the YouTube video, at the same place/location. You can’t tell 100% for sure from the CTV clip that it is a Vancouver Canucks flag, but I’m convinced it is.

Here’s my own screenshot:

So, we will mark the Vancouver Canucks flag sighting at the Royal Wedding as CONFIRMED. Whoo hoo! How cool is that? Go Canucks Go… worldwide, even in London!

We are all Canucks.

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