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Lol, I just got off the phone with BC’s Discover Camping Call Centre (1-800-689-9025) because some friends and I will be camping at Cultus Lake’s Maple Bay campgrounds this summer. Before ending the call, the person helping me out on the phone gave me an e-mail address where I could get an answer from the Maple Bay campgrounds people directly (about how competitive the lineups are for their “first-come first-served” campsites during the time we’d be going down).

The funny part is that when she was reading me out the e-mail address, this is how it went down:

(read the following in “quotes” phonetically)
info – [at] – seat – “Oh” – sky – parks – [dot] – com

When she was reading that, I was thinking… “ok, this is a bit of a strange domain name for Cultus Lake’s Maple Bay campgrounds. Why would someone have the word “seat” in their URL for a camp site? But I typed it into Notepad as she was reading it out to me.

And then I was like, wait a second – I’m pretty sure I’m hearing her right and spelling it right… (cause the audio connection wasn’t the clearest).

So to double check, I was like, “Oh, ok – so that’s sea to sky parks dot com?” But I think I was saying it too quickly, because her response was to try to clarify and say, “Yup, it’s SEAT – ‘Oh’ – SKY parks dot com”, making a point to pronounce each word separately! 😛

At this point I was pretty sure she was that she was, indeed, saying the word “SEAT”, the letter “O”, and the word “SKY” 😀 Which is a pretty funny misread, because like I said, what does the word “seat” have to do with camping? Hee hee. But in any case, at least this meant that I had the spelling right.

So before I said good-bye I just re-read the e-mail address out a bit more carefully, making a point to pronounce my words a little more distinctly and clearly:

“Ok, so that’s info at SEA to SKY parks dot com, right?”

And that’s when she realized that the e-mail address was saying “Sea to Sky”, not “Seat-O-Sky”. As in, the Sea to Sky highway 😛 So she started stifling a bit of a laugh, because, come on – it’s a pretty funny goof-up, amirite?!

So I laughed a little (cause I figured, hey, at least she can know I think it’s funny too and hopefully know that I don’t think she’s an idiot). Lolz.

And with that, I said good-bye.

But before I ended the call on my computer (I was phoning them via Gmail’s chat/phone feature), I could hear some background laughter. At first I thought it was a co-worker in the room laughing at her, but then I realized she was chuckling to herself over how silly that last phone call was! But I guess she didn’t know she hadn’t hung up yet, lol. Wow. Talk about the joke that keeps on giving!

So with one last soft chuckle of my own, I hit the “End” button. I would like to say, though, that she was extremely helpful all the while before giving me that e-mail address. So kudos to my phone representative and BC’s Discover Camping Call Centre for another satisfied customer 🙂

P.S. After visiting I just realized that Sea to Sky Parks has a direct phone line as well! Whoo hoo. Score another win for the inter-webs 😛

(Sea to Sky Parks)
By Phone: 604-986-9371
By Email: 


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