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Yesterday, Mobilesyrup reported that Rogers had finally dropped their 3-year contract price for the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE from $199.99 to $179.99. That made it more competitive with the other carriers such as Bell, which is offering the original Galaxy S II for $99.95 and Telus, which is offering the Galaxy S II X (which is almost identical to the Rogers’ version, sans LTE) for $99.99 on 3-year contracts.

In fact, I’ve heard of Best Buy’s “Free Phone Fridays” which have offered Bell’s Galaxy S II on a 3-year contract for $0.01 (that price is being advertised right now on

Yesterday’s price ($179.99):

So with that knowledge, I went down to my local Rogers Plus store in Burnaby, BC last night (Nov 8) to pick up my Rogers reserved Galaxy S II LTE which had arrived that day. When it came time to ring up the price, it indeed said “$179.99”, but I had to come back the next day because I couldn’t remember the PIN for the credit card I wanted to put it on (I only use that card for my Rogers bill).

Today’s price ($129.99):

Imagine my surprise when I went down this morning (Nov 9) to purchase the phone and the price came up to only $129.99! I was surprised, and I even confirmed the price with the Rogers employee and he couldn’t explain why it was different from the price just last night.

Has Rogers decided again to lower the Galaxy S II LTE contract price to be more competitive with the other carriers?


Here’s a low quality picture of my receipt (taken from the borrowed iPhone 3G that I’ve been using while waiting for my Galaxy S II LTE to arrive):


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