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Ripped off from my own Facebook wall post (which was a re-post of my own retweet of @Lecrae). See why my blog is called “Total Rip-Off” now? 🙂

There’s something moving about LITERALLY seeing a MOVEMENT of men (watch till the end of the video for that). I love this song, but I still only understand like 50% of it 😛

RT @lecrae NEW VIDEO 116 “Man Up Anthem” #Manup

Check out the new video for “Man Up Anthem” Feat. Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, PRo, KB, and Andy Mineo. “Man Up Anthem” was the lead single from the Man Up soundtrack availabel now on iTunes. For more info on the Man Up campaign visit


It’s funny how a lot of the artists in this video will move a hand back and forth according to the rapid beat as they’re rapping. I actually do something like that a lot when I’m singing/moving along to music.

Except half the time it’s to Taylor Swift (not rap) 😛 muahhahaha


This song could be alternately titled (if you pardon my language),
“Where the heck is God!?”


All proceeds from purchasing the song on iTunes
go to rebuilding/relief for Haiti
(see below).

At 99 cents, it’s a steal because you’re purchasing a song AND donating directly to Haiti rebuilding.  That takes the dilemma out of whether you should be spending your dollars on purchasing something for yourself vs. giving to someone in need.

(Click here to purchase from iTunes Canada / US)

UPDATE: You can also purchase the music video & mp3 combo for $4.99 here.  The specific aid organization being donated to from these proceeds is Churches Helping Churches, an organization looking to channel aid through churches in Haiti and helping them rebuild.  Churches Helping Churches has already delivered nearly $400k USD in medical supplies and equipment to Haiti.  You can also gift multiple copies of the song or music video/mp3 combo to others as a way to donate more.

Start here

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