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My (i.e. potentially mine) iPhone 4S finally shipped. It just left Mount Hope, Ontario. Who knows when it will get here… *facepalm*

I was #245 in the NATION for a pre-reserved Rogers iPhone 4S 32GB (Black) and now my phone will probably arrive almost a week later (Edit: It’s the next morning and my phone appears to have reached YVR airport) than the ppl who walked in to Future Shop this afternoon to get a (surprise) Rogers iPhone 4S…

Good thing my hope for happiness is not invested in a phone 😛 (but I AM upset about how the Rogers representative on the “Rogers Red Board” blog is deflecting all blame for their reservation system’s poor execution)

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But I’m #245 in Rogers’ online reservation (pre-order) system for the Black 32GB iPhone 4S 😛


I pre-ordered about 3 minutes after the Rogers system came back online (3AM PST/6AM EST). I guess I could have been earlier in line if I hadn’t read through all the terms and agreements before clicking “Accept”, just to make sure, hee hee.

Anyways, it’s a $40 deposit and it’s fully refundable. So now I guess it’s time to see if I can get my just expired 3-year contract renewed. It’s a Rogers retention iPhone plan from 2008, but it’s apparently better than anything Rogers offers now of days. If not… I may have to cancel this iPhone 4S order and start rethinking my phone plans 😛

Oh, and did I mention that I LOST MY iPhone 3G last Saturday, I think somewhere in Coquitlam? Yup. What timing, eh?

This is Part 3 of my three part series on the start of what I’m doing here at the University of Waterloo.

Whew.  Ok, the end of my update series.  Well, last week (actually, like two or three weeks ago) was the Week of Evangelism at Waterloo.  I am happy to report to you that, contrary to what I thought, you can actually approach students on Waterloo campus and talk to them about spiritual things!  You just can’t do that in the Student Life Centre, which is the central building where a lot of students hang out.  Anyways, I got a chance to speak with LOTS of students and do lots of evangelism last week – probably more than I did on campus at SFU in the last year or two!

I think I talked with over 10 students, and here’s a little rundown on what kinds of students I got to talk to:

  • Computer Science student from a Hindu background
  • Korean student in “Biomed” (1st year, I think) who already told us she wanted to join a Bible study
  • Math or CS student who is already a Christian
  • International student from China, studying 2nd year Math (he kind of believes in a God, although his family grew up not believing in God, I think)
  • A Grade 12 student on campus, who is a Mormon (he’s hoping to go into History at Waterloo, next year) – I got into a long and interesting conversation with this guy on the differences between his faith and mine (Christianity), whether our sin really deserves something like “Hell”, the deity of Jesus and what the deity of God, lol (Mormons have a very limited, polythesitic, un-Godlike view of God, in my judgment)
  • A Chinese grad student (1st year, Master’s)
  • A student from South Sudan (we spoke to him VERY BRIEFLY) who told us his spiritual beliefs are, “Jesus is coming soon!”
  • A 2nd year Electrical Engineering student whom I asked for directions to find a prof who used to be at SFU (then Ryan, my colleague, started a conversation with him)
  • And finally, a 1st year software engineering student who really opened up to me on different things.  I got to talk to him about the Gospel, why I believe it, and stuff like that.

Whew.  Ok.  And that’s a wrap!  No more photos this time.

P.S. …about the iPhone

I think I might be getting an iPhone with a (1GB/month) data plan.  All together, it might come to $42.45 per month + tax (3-year contract).  That includes the system access fee ($6.95/month) and everything.  How can this even be an option for me, you ask?  Well, as I explained on my own profile on Facebook:

This is a deal where you are a current Rogers customer (I just had a 3-year contract expire, for example), and I asked to be transferred to their Retention Services department. Apparently they can be really flexible. I also had an example from a colleague (one with Telus, one in a similar situation with …  Read MoreRogers) where they got data plans for their Blackberry.

Anyways, the reason I want an iPhone is so that I don’t have to take out my 9 lb, 17″ laptop on campus or whatever to check e-mail, figure out appointments and my calendar, and/or send an e-mail to a student during the day.  Also, I used to always use my laptop in the washroom at home anyways (less so, now), and I figure this will help me reach 24/7 online status.  iPhones have wi-fi access, too, so I can use it around the house or on campus by connecting to the wireless network (it’s pretty much identical to the iPod Touch).  Or practically anywhere in Canada, like on the road, if I get a data plan.  Also, the iPhone 3G has GPS.  The iPhone and iPod Touch are quite different from the competition in this aspect, as well: they run Mac OSX (the Apple operating system) and a decent version of Safari, which is the standard web browser for Macs.  Plus, using the touch screen, you’re able to view webpages pretty naturally by zooming in and out with your fingers (“pinching”) even though the screen itself is way smaller than a normal computer screen.  Anyways, if I ditch the data plan, I can get a 3-year contract for $29.45 per month + tax.

My potential voice (& data) 3-year contract:

100 weekday minutes
1000 evenings and weekends (starting from 6PM)
unlimited incoming calls
caller id
100 Canadian long distance minutes
[system access fee and 9-11 included)

1GB e-mail & data plan

Total: $42.45 per month (+ tax)

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